Butterfly Gallery

The Premium Collection

Herewith a preview of some creative butterfly images captured from 2013 to 2018. In future my aim will be to cut out the clutter as much as possible and acquire as many pictures as possible in this style. The following (in alphabetical order) are some species with which I have succeeded so far. Continuous improvement is the name of the game.

European  Butterflies

A complete checklist follows of butterflies I have observed and taken pictures of in Great Britain and continental Europe since 2011, with topside and underwing views wherever possible. These are presented in classified order per Tolman and Lewington’s Collins Butterfly Guide.

Papilionidae – a family containing some large and colourful yellow and white butterflies

Pieridae – a family of mainly familiar white and yellow butterflies

Lycaenidae – a large family of small butterflies comprising Hairstreaks, Coppers and Blues

Blues  –  a large and fascinating group of subtly different species

Riodinidae, Libytheidae and Danaidae – three families each with a single European representative 

Nymphalidae – a large family of large and colourful butterflies, and the Fritillaries

 Fritillaries – a large and complex group of often similar species

Satyridae – an extensive family of butterflies mostly in shades of brown

Hesperidae – a family of small moth-like butterflies, the Skippers


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