Hello and welcome to my blog. I hope you enjoy your visit and may find some of its content to be entertaining or instructive. The “Ramblings and Scribblings” here are intended to have a relaxed and wistful tone. My name is Peter Law and I live just outside Oxford, England in that splendid city’s green belt. After a somewhat patchy “career” mostly in public relations and marketing, my circumstances allow me to be “semi-retired” and I spend a lot of time walking the countryside and observing wildlife. In recent years I have also travelled a fair bit in southern Europe, North Africa and most recently North America.

titchfield haven.1502

My particular interests are birds, butterflies, dragonflies and reptiles. I am an active member of the Oxfordshire (aka Oxon) birding community and Butterfly Conservation’s Upper Thames Branch (aka BC UTB). Also a regular contributor to the Oxon Birding Blog, Oxon Wildlife, the BC UTB sightings page, Oxon Dragonflies and  the British Dragonfly Society sightings page.

For taking pictures I use an entry level Nikon D3100 SLR camera with either a Nikkor 55-300mm telephoto lens or Tamron 90mm macro lens. I by no means consider myself to be a bird or wildlife photographer, but like anyone else get occasional decent results if sufficient frames are gained in favourable conditions. My forte here is butterflies and dragonflies. All images published on this site are my own copyright, unless otherwise stated, but I am agreeable to them being used elsewhere on request and with acknowledgement.



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