2016 Oxon autumn wader passage: 2 – Ringed Plover and Turnstone

Having declared an intention four week’s ago to present a mini-series here on local passage waders, there hasn’t been much opportunity to add the scarcer Oxon species to my year list this autumn. Indeed of those that I missed when in France last May, Knot has become 2016’s jinx local bird and the others just haven’t turned up again.

But autumn is a time of year, with the nights drawing in when I like to go out near the end of daylight to spend an hour or so just relaxing with the camera and no particular birds in mind. Farmoor Reservoir is the location of choice. I turned my back on RSPB Otmoor earlier this year having grown heartily tired of being pestered by casual visitors every 50 metres or whatever along the visitor trail. Not even a year tick could tempt me back to the place earlier this week.

This evening there was a typical autumn medley of Dunlin, Ringed Plover and Turnstone along Farmoor’s central causeway. The images (above) are none too sharp or special but they reflect the transience of another summer season and the endless rhythm of avian migration year upon year. Unlike August’s Little Stints these subjects were trickier to get close to and very quick on the move. There was less opportunity to avoid the gull feather detritus that I managed to keep out of my Stint pictures (see here) so this time around I attempted to blend it into the composition. Hmmm … whatever!


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